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How CCEF began

The Clinton Community Educational Foundation (CCEF) began in 2006; receiving their 501(c) (3) status in May 2007.  A non-profit organization, the CCEF began as a grass-roots effort to assist the school district in their ongoing efforts to keep up with the growing deficit created by the State of Illinois.  It is the goal of the CCEF to provide support to meet the educational needs of the CUSD15 students.  As of today, over $300,000 has been awarded in classroom grants and scholarships.  The CCEF also facilitated the construction of the High School's Riddle Memorial Greenhouse and established the offsite Richland Community College Dual Credit Classes for CHS Senoirs.  We have entrusted with a few endowments that allow for us to offer several amazing scholarship opportunities for CUSD15 graduates. 

The Foundation is always seeking new people and ideas to assist in its endeavors.  Persons interested in making a donation or joining the Foundation as a Board Member may contact the Unit Office or speak with an existing Foundation member.  


Our Board of Volunteers


Barbara Gullone, President

5001 Timberline Drive

Clinton, IL 61727

217-620-5632 (C)

217-935-5630 (H)


Russell Long, Vice President

105 Aspen Drive

Clinton, IL 61727

217-322-7045 (C)


Ruth Lowers, Secretary

11525 State Highway 10

Clinton, IL 61727

217-519-2071 (C)

217-935-8192 (H)



Stephanie Huffman, Treasurer

6646 Third St

Clinton, IL 61727

217-855-3408 (C)


Board Members

Eileen Carter

5067 Green Valley Rd

Clinton IL 61727

217-521-0467 (C)


Barbara McMath

5466 Sunset Rd

Clinton, IL 61727

217-454-1157 (C)

217-935-9756 (H)


Megan Myers

2796 State Hwy 51

Clinton, IL 61727

217-358-9750 (C)


Nancy Stokowski

37 Manorhill Dr

Clinton, IL 61727

217-935-2723 (H)


Kim Toohill

4865 Weldon Springs Rd

Clinton, IL 61727



Mark Woods

824 N Center St

Clinton, IL 61727

217-935-5527 (W)


Clinton Maroons

Liaisons from CUSD15

Administrative Liaison

Curt Nettles, Superintendent



Board of Education Liaison

Sondra Baker, School Board Member



Building Liaisons

Brenda Borland, Douglas School


Kristin Cooper, CJHS


Monica Kessinger,CES


Nancy Kreuser, CHS


Christina Soberalski, CES


Lauri Torbert, Lincoln School


Mission Statement & Charter Members

Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

Mission & Goals of CCEF

The Clinton Community Educational Foundation’s mission is to acquire and distribute resources to Clinton Community Public Schools District 15 to enhance, enrich, or supplement learning opportunities for its students, staff, and community.

The Foundation achieves its mission through direct support for student development, staff excellence and creativity, and School/Community partnerships.

Contact Us:  


PO Box 395

Clinton, IL 61727

Email us at ccefcusd15@gmail.com

Charter Members

Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

CCEF Charter Members

The funds of the Clinton Community Educational Foundation are made   available primarily through the generosity of community members through their donations.   Donations may be designated for a specific program or may be left undesignated.  

You may become a “Charter Member” of the Foundation by making a donation of $2000.00.  Charter member funds build and strengthen as endowment.  Only the interest income is utilized to satifly the Foundation's mission and goals. 

Our Charter Members

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Thorp

Mr. & Mrs. George Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Baum

Mrs. Eunice Harbach

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stokowski

Dr. & Mrs. John Veirs

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Thorp

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Vance

Charter Members

Mission and Goals

Charter Members

CCEF Charter Members

Charter Members continued

Mr. Max Stites

Mrs. Mary Mitchell Stites

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Arnold 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Davenport

Drs. Terry & Monica DeGrauwe England

Mrs. Lael Armstrong

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Weinberg

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Lowers

Mr. & Mrs. Evan Severson

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Waddock

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Willoughby

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Holmes

Mr. & Mrs. Rod Wertz

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wargel

Ms. Mary Calvert

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Harbach

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Archey

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Calvert

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gullone

The John Warner Bank

DeWitt Savings Bank

Exelon Corporation

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Clinton Community Educational Foundation

PO Box 395 Clinton, Illinois 61727 Email: ccefcusd15@gmail.com